Online poker is complex and learning the strategy is an ongoing process. Those that fail to realize this often think they are far better players than they truly year. The basics of poker are the fundamentals of the more complex areas of strategy, and by simply learning the game you’re edging into the many shades of gray that can be used in a poker game – online or not. 

You’re Poker Strategy

Every successful poker player has his own strategy. Strategy is developed over months or years of play as you begin to realize what works in a game and what doesn’t. While it is important to have a strategy that you use consistently, it is also important to realize that the strategy can change over time as you learn new elements of the game and gain more experience.

Basic Elements of Poker Strategy

The Fundamental Theory, the most basic root of poker is that you play as if you can see the cards of others and expect them to do so in return. This is the foundation for most other strategies.

Odds and Probabilities

There are many calculated risks in poker and most boil down to the pot odds and your odds of winning. The relationship between pot odds and the odds of winning are considered the most important odds in poker. Understanding how your odds of winning are related to the amount you put into the pot will give you some indication of what to expect from the game.


Deception can be among the most entertaining parts of a poker game, and for this reason, they are almost always overused. The most common means of deception is to bluff your opponents by making them think you’re holding a better hand than you actually are. The other means of deception is called slow-playing, and it is roughly the opposite of bluffing. In slow-playing, your goal is to make you opponents think you have a low hand when you in fact have a high one. This is done through low bets and slow action.


The seating of players at a game can make a tremendous impact on how the game is played. Late positions are ideal as you have an advantage over the players in early positions. Early positions play first and the late players are able to make decisions about what they want to do based on what the earlier players have already done. Being a late player is very valuable in a game, and player position factors strongly into the strategy of the game.

Calling and Rising

By increasing the bet for a round, you’re raising. When others meet your bet, they care calling. There are many different reasons to raise and call, all factored into the DraftKings Casino game you’re playing.

Loose and Tight Play

Loose player have less stakes are less likely to fold. Tight players are more likely to fold and have greater stakes on each hand. The looseness of a game can affect the bluffs and minimum hand requirements.

Tells and Hand Reading

Makingeducated guesses about the cards a player might be holding is hand reading. Itgoes along with any changes of behavior for that player. These changes inbehavior are called tells.

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